Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In the jungle...

It has been a busy week around our house! 

Tyler is finishing up kindergarten  - this is his last full week.  He has really enjoyed the year, and I think he is looking forward to next year.  The kids have been earning “spirit sticks” all year, which are these little badge type patches that they can hook onto a keychain on their book bag zipper.  Tyler is up to ten, and he is so proud of them!  Sometimes they get them just for attending an assembly, or because it is 100 day, or something along those lines.  Other times, they earn them because they have been behaving in class.  He has been doing a really, really good job of behaving in class these last weeks, so he has earned a couple for that reason.  Of course, then after being so good he had a day where he got a note sent home for picking the stuffing out of a seat on the bus and throwing it at his friend…haha…it is SO HARD being good when you are a full of energy little boy!! J 

As an end of the year theme, the entire kindergarten has been working on a rainforest unit.  We got to go to the “rainforest open house” last week and see what they have been working on the past several weeks.  The whole hallway was transformed into a jungle! 

There was a green canopy covering the ceiling and rainforest animals all over.  He got a little safari hat and some binoculars to take us on a guided tour. 

I LOVED his little bug that he drew and the description that went along with it.  It was so fun looking at them all and seeing how those little minds spell things out.  It is supposed to say "My insect has wings.  My insect has compound eyes.  Insects are oviporous.  Insects are poisonous.  Some insects have stingers.  My insect is colorful."  I think that has been one of my favorite things to watch him learn during this school year.  Alaina was pretty amazed with the whole hallway, too. 

Then, after our tour, they had a little singing program in the gym, which was his first official concert.  Honestly, it didn’t look like he was too much into the singing!  Surprisingly, Alaina sat pretty quietly through the first part of it.  I think that she is going to be more into music than Tyler.  She likes to sing songs around the house all the time. 

This weekend we went to the Memorial Day services in town.  My grandpa, who passed away last July, was honored in the veteran’s memorial.  He was very deserving, as he had a lot of pride in his country and was very involved in the American Legion, as well as establishing the memorial sites.  The kids had a lot of fun picking up candy that was thrown out by the parade floats! 

It ended up being a pretty hot day, so we finished out the day by a lot of slip and sliding fun!  After the winter we had, I was pretty sure it would NEVER be warm enough to go outside and play in the water again.  So I was pretty thankful for the 90 degree heat!  Bring it on, summer!

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