Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Alaina's New Big Girl Bed

On Sunday we finally took down the crib and put up Alaina's big girl bed.  It was sad to see the crib go - no more babies in this house! We've been waiting almost two months to get Alaina's new furniture, so we've been talking up the big girl bed that whole time.  Tyler and Alaina were both extremely excited when we got the bed up, and Tyler wanted to have a sleepover in Alaina's room that very night!  I told him he could over the weekend because I wanted her to get a few days worth of getting used to it on her own.  I put the kids to bed around the normal time of 8:00.  Alaina didn't end up falling asleep until between 9:30 and 10.  I popped my head around the corner a couple times to check if she was sleeping, and every time I did, her little head would turn and then she'd start talking to me about random things that really didn't make much sense.  She is great at stalling at bedtime!  Anyway, Monday night went a little better, she fell asleep a little sooner, but it still took her a little time. 

Alaina getting ready to go to sleep on her first night in her big girl bed!

All snuggled up!
Tyler worked really hard helping build Alaina's bed.  Working hard means taking your shirt off...
Yeah, she's not going to sleep anytime soon...

And I can't forget Tyler!  He wanted a picture too!

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