Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tyler's Valentine

The first thing that Tyler said when he got home tonight was "Mommy, I have something for you!" I asked him what and he wouldn't tell. I asked him if it was a surprise, and he got a big smile on his face and said "yes!" As I watched him taking off his coat he said "it is a beautiful card. Now go in the living room and close your eyes!" I went in, and he made sure I had my eyes shut and he told me to hold out my hands. He put something in them and I opened them and it was a handmade card from preschool that he had signed and a rice crispy treat that they had made. "I love you!" he said! Melt my heart...I love being a Mommy!


Jaimie said...

This made my eyes water!! That is the sweetest thing!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Best part of being a mommy!! What a sweet boy! :)
- erica