Sunday, July 3, 2011

6-3-11 Appointment

At this appointment I had a non-stress test and then my appointment with Sherry. I was a little worried going into this one, simply because after I had a NST with Tyler I was sent directly to the hospital to get induced. I was worried something would be wrong this time and I'd get sent to the hospital for one reason or another. The nurse brought me into the room and did the typical blood pressure check, etc - all normal. She acted like they weren't going to do a NST that day, but I told her that I was supposed to have one, and she decided to go ahead and get me hooked up. I was glad because I just wanted to make sure everything was okay with the baby. She took me to another room and got all the monitors in place on my belly and started the monitor strip. I was there probably about 20 minutes or so and Sherry came in and checked the strip. The baby was sleeping (despite my attempt to each a bunch of sugary stuff before my appt). Sherry had me chug a bottle of water I had along with me, and then she had me lay there another 15 -20 minutes. I had a few areas on the test strip that showed the baby's heart rate doing what she wanted. But she rubbed on my belly a bit more to wake her up and see if she'd do a few more. She did. Thank goodness. And Sherry gave me her blessing to go another week (to 41 weeks) before we'd start talking about ways to get the ball rolling.

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