Wednesday, June 1, 2011

35 - 40 Weeks

Here's the last round of belly pictures! It took me a while to get them on here because our computer got a virus.

35 weeks:

36 weeks:

37 weeks:

38 weeks:

39 weeks:

40 weeks!!!!
The last weeks of pregnancy were not too bad in all honesty. I think I got random crafting sprees rather than nesting sprees. The week before Memorial Day I somehow got an undeniable urge to learn how to crochet baby hats. Yeah, it was kind of strange, and surprisingly very addictive once I got started! Isn't that just the strangest thing? I suppose it's no different than sewing up a nursing cover and doing that type of thing which hit me back at the end of April. But, it was a good activity to do while keeping an eye on Tyler since I couldn't play with him in the sandbox easily and whatnot. Also at the end, it was getting very difficult to move around. I didn't have a ton of swelling or anything, which was nice - I think it wasn't until the beginning of this group of pictures that I actually had to take of my wedding ring. That was a lot later than last time in pregnancy. The worst part for me was just sleeping at night. It was such a chore to turn over in bed. And then if I wasn't having issues with that it was getting up to go to the bathroom. And I definitely had to cram pillows under my belly at the end. Her back was laying toward my right side almost the entire pregnancy, with her little booty pointed up at the sky. If I'd lay on my right side, the ligaments on that side would stretch so bad and it was so painful when I'd wake up. Sharp stabbing pain like I'd drank a gallon of water and ran a mile. It was harder getting around to do things with Tyler - hard to get down on the ground with him and hard to find the energy too! He was so funny with some of his comments. On Memorial Day I tried to get into a maxi dress from last year, thinking it would be flow-y and comfy since it was so hot that day and I didn't own any maternity capris or shorts. Well, there were more seams in it than I thought. He watched me pull it on, and I looked like a stuffed sausage (or maybe the face of the sun, since it was yellow and I was so round). He told me very matter of factly that "mommy, your belly is too big for your clothes!" Haha! It's just so hard at the end when nothing fits anymore. Even my work maternity pants were getting uncomfortable. And oh my gosh - getting socks, pants, etc on in the morning was such a chore at the end! TOTALLY worth it though! It is going to be nice getting back to normal, but I'll miss being pregnant. I just love it, and it's such a special time and process. I found myself thinking about it a lot at the end. I think that is why I always took all these pictures, and did oddball things like have my sister make a cast of my belly (it was hilarious). This will likely be our last, and my last pregnancy too. It's very bittersweet to me!

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Tell that little girl that enough is enough. She's due today. You need to tell her that it's always polite to be on time!