Thursday, May 5, 2011

5-5-11 Doctor Appointment

It's now time to start going every week to the doctor! Hard to believe!

I saw Sherry today. Today was the lovely group B strep swap and then I had a CBC drawn too. She examined me and everything was measuring just perfect. She could tell from feeling my belly that baby girl was head down, but she checked internally to make sure. She was, and Sherry said I had the perfect pelvis...haha! Baby girl was pretty much in the position I though she was in - I was pretty sure I knew her butt was on the right side of me and that her legs and feet are up under that side of my ribs. (Which she is making more than evident now as I'm typing this - she is kicking the heck out of my ribcage right now!) Blood pressure was also perfect, and her heartrate sounded good at 148. She said I had good fluid too. The placenta is the only issue at this point.

Next Thursday is my next appointment and I'll have my last sonogram at that time. I'll then know if this baby is going to be delivered via a VBAC or c-section. Sherry said she is hoping the placenta will move for me.

Then we reviewed two birth plans I typed up. I didn't do birth plans last time, but I decided to do them this time. I did both a VBAC and c-section birth plan. Sherry liked them both, and didn't have any major issues or changes with anything that I didn't feel comfortable with.

We talked a little bit about my last birth, some things in the plans, and the way I feel about certain things. She said that we thought a lot alike, and she gave me a big hug. I told her that all the rest of my appointments were scheduled with the OB's (Mueller is next week), since it's likely I'll be having a c-section. She said that she definitely wants to hear what happens in the sono next week, either way it goes, and that I'm supposed to email her since she'll be on vacation.

I am SO excited to meet baby girl, and I'm also really happy that next week I will know how she will be arriving, whatever way that may be! I figure that she'll pick the way that is best for her, and that is what was meant to be.

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