Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5-12-11 Appointment

Bill was able to come with me to this appointment. I wanted him to go because it was supposed to be our last sono of the pregnancy. They were checking not only the placenta, but doing the estimated fetal weight check as well. Valerie was the tech this time, we hadn't seen her since our 20 week sono and we found out we were having a girl. She started off with an internal sono (yay). She looked all over at the placenta. She seemed to think that it was not on the cervix anymore! She wanted to look at it abdominally too, so she switched over. She looked and looked at it, and still thought the same. She measured baby girl, and determined that she was around 6lb 12oz. Baby girl was looking good, and she had a good heartrate at 145bpm. We tried to get a picture of her face, and we were able to get a profile view of her this time finally. She even switched over to 3d mode for a couple minutes, so that was fun! But she had her little hands up in front of her face, so all we could see was an eye and a part of her nose. She is crowded in there! Then, she ended up doing another internal sono (yay again) that was actuallly a little painful to look at the placenta one more time. She printed out about a hundred pictures and took them out to Dr. Mueller to look at. She came back in and said that based on what he saw he was okay with going for a VBAC. Wow! Shocker! I was totally expecting to schedule a c-section for sometime the week of the 23rd.

Then it was time to see Dr. Mueller. He came in and said that based on what he had seen that it was not a previa. He said that he wanted sonos each week going forward, though b/c it is kind of a "gray area" looking at things like that since there is so much in the cervix area. He then asked me what my choice would be - VBAC or c-section, so I told him that ideally I'd go VBAC as long as there wasn't a risk to the baby or me. He was not opposed. He said that he has done many, many VBACs, he even used to do VBA2C's and VBA3C's. He said that they (doctors) used to encourage people to do VBACs rather than repeat sections, but when the lawyers got invovled it became a whole medical/legal battle with malpratice insurance and whatnot. So, I left the appointment feeling pretty good, and pretty surprised, and a little in disbelief that I was not finding out the baby's birthday that day! :-)

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