Thursday, May 5, 2011

4-28-11 Doctor Appointment

My appointment last week was pretty routine, except that I brought Tyler with me! :-) I was off of work, and I thought it would be fun for him to go along and hear the baby's heartbeat. So, we packed up Tyler's little backpack full of toys and snacks and off we went to the Rt. 91 office. I hadn't been there for a long time. We got there and Tyler was so excited to ride in the elevator up to the office. It's so fun how the little things make him happy. Escalators are even MORE exciting for him. Last time we were at Sears I think we rode it up and down 6 times while Bill looked at tools. Anyway, we got there, got checked in and I was handed my lovely little pee cup. Down the hall we went to the bathroom. Tyler was beyond fascinated with what I did with that cup. I think I was definitely his hero of the day. haha! For a minute I thought we were going to have a meltdown unless Tyler was allowed to pee in the cup too, but I managed to get him out of there without a fuss. He chatted about the awesome thing I did all the way out into the waiting room. The receptionist got a total kick out of it. After a short wait in the waiting room (thank goodness) I got called back. He liked watching me get weighed and have my blood pressure taken (both of those measurements were normal). The nurse told me I wouldn't have to do my group B strep test that day (thank God, that surely would have scarred his little mind for life, and I sure didn't want the details of that repeated to random strangers!) and that I would also not have to have my CBC done either. So, in came Jen to do the exam. She was SO good with Tyler. She has a couple little boys of her own, so she knows. It was a little hard to talk to her b/c I was eyeballing Tyler to make sure he didn't play with all the exam materials and didn't rip the heck out of the exam bed. He was fascinated with some scope-y looking thing on the side of it. He kept looking in it like it was a telescope. Jen measured my belly and everything was right on track. Then she lifted Tyler up on the table and he got to squirt "jelly" on my belly. She let him turn on the doppler and help her run it around my belly. He got a big smile when we told him the noise was his baby sister. He told her "hello in there" in the end of the doppler. The whole thing was pretty cute and I was glad that I got to take him with me. On our way out, he was chatting it up with the nurses when they asked him about his backpack. He told one of the nurses she was so funny. When we got to the desk to turn in our papers he asked the nurses for a sticker (like he was at his doctor). haha. The receptionist told him that she had something even better for him...and she gave him a pee cup of his own to take home. So, can you guess what our fun activity was when we got home that day? ;-)

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