Monday, April 18, 2011

Poor Charlie

Our poor Charlie cat passed away on April 14th. On my way home from work I was driving down Tapping, and I saw a bunch of large birds on the road. I figured they were the Canadian geese that have been in the fields lately. When I got closer, they were vultures, and I thought they were on what appeared to be an orange bag. Well, I slowed down and looked out the window, and it was an orange and white cat. I hopped out of the car and looked closer, and it was my poor Charlie. Thank goodness the birds hadn't done any damage to him at that point. And I'm unsure what really happened to him, as he didn't appear to have been hit by a care or in a fight with another animal. Thank goodness for that too - I don't think I could have stood to remember him that way. But, he was already stiff as a board, and it was a completely horrible and shocking thing to come home to. Especially since he was strictly a house cat. I never would have expected to find him outside like that. Evidently he had gotten out of the house at some point. I am guessing Wednesday night, because Tyler and I had left that night to go to the farm. Neither I or Bill noticed Charlie when we got back (Bill was at the firehouse that night). And I don't think he escaped in the morning when we were leaving for work. When Bill drove down Tapping at 3:45 he was not on the road, and when I drove by at 5:15 he was. I feel so sad about it. We got Charlie from PAWS right after we got married, and he was about 8 years old (he was about a year old when we got him). Charlie usually slept on the bed right by me, but some nights he'd skip. I think that Wednesday night he wasn't on the bed. And sometimes he doesn't really come around in the morning. So I didn't think anything of it. I wish I would have noticed! It makes me mad at myself. I was so out of it all night Thursday. I told Tyler that Charlie went to heaven with Bailey (the dog my parents put to sleep in August). His little face instantly crumpled up and he started crying he wanted his kitty back. Then I started bawling (again). But it was short lived for Tyler when he realized daddy was going to be digging with a shovel. He went and got his little yellow shovel and helped (kind of strange)! He told me not to be sad that Charlie would take his medicine and get better. We kept telling him that Charlie wouldn't be around anymore and was in heaven. We didn't really let Tyler see much of Charlie. He saw him briefly before we put him in the ground, but we kept him wrapped up in a towel. Later that night, Tyler told me that we could wrap him up in a towel and put him in a hole too. Geesh. I keep worrying we have scarred him! But in a way it was kind of funny that he said that. I slept very little on Thursday night. I wake up about every time I turn over nowadays thanks to preggo belly, and everytime I woke up and tried to go back to sleep all I could see was Charlie laying on the road. I cannot stand seeing dead animals. The image burns in my mind forever, especially when I see their eyes. Which of course I did with Charlie. I really wish Bill would have found him. Friday was just completely awful at work. I felt like someone had rubbed my eyes out with sandpaper since I'd cried so much. Anyway, I am so incredibly sad about it. He was a wonderful cat. Cooper really misses him too and has been coming around to people he normally doesn't. Like a certain 3 year old. I feel really bad for him - he's been with Charlie since he was a kitten. So anyway, things I will miss about Charlie:

  1. He was soooo soft, kind of like a rabbit

  2. He would let me pick him up and hold him like a baby

  3. When I picked him up, sometimes he would put both his "arms" on either side of my neck, like he was giving me a hug

  4. I will miss how he slept all curled up right next to me at night.

  5. I will miss seeing him lay on the bed like a little person, with his head on the pillow. And how he'd look at you while he was doing it, as if to say 'this is totally normal, even though I'm a cat!'

  6. Charlie would give kisses like a dog (maybe gross, but I thought it was funny that he did it). He even gave Tyler kisses from time to time, which Tyler really got a kick out of since his tongue was so sand paper-y. And he'd always give kisses right up by my hairline for some weird reason.

  7. I will miss watching him go crazy playing with my elastic hair bands. I'd find them all over the place. In fact, there was one laying on our bathroom floor on Thursday night after all was said and done. I didn't pick it up...I waited and somebody else finally picked it up. (weird, I know)

  8. I will miss laughing at his howling episodes whenever Bill and I are having a loud "discussion" or when Tyler is being particularly noisy. He'd start making these loud howling noises, and at the same time start biting Cooper on the neck. Poor Cooper! He'd do the same thing when I whistled...except he'd come up to me and bite on my arm or shirt sleeve.

  9. I will miss how he'd go nuts when you changed the bedsheets. He'd come out of nowhere, and have to get underneath them, and then he'd shoot around like a little tornado under them playing.

  10. There are lots of other things I'll miss, but mostly I'll miss my Charlie, a really wonderful cat with a sweet personality that I'll never be able to replace!


EricaB said...

I'm so sorry about Charlie. It's just so sad! :( I'm so sorry that you had to be the one to find him. Hugs to you, and hugs to Charlie in kitty Heaven.

Anonymous said...

This makes me so teary eyed...i held my babies a little closer after i got your message. I too wish Bill would have found him to spare you that image. Think about you a lot lately and sending hugs your way.