Monday, April 25, 2011

4-15-11 Doctor Appointment and Sono

I had another sono at this appointment to keep an eye on the placenta. I waited for what felt like forever and a day (40 min). The whole Charlie fiasco had happened the night before, so I was running on no sleep, which always makes me feel nauseated and gross.

I had Dawn for the sono tech again - I think she has done every sono since the 20 week anatomy scan. At first she thought the placenta had moved clear off of the cervical os, but then she felt that she didn't want to jump the gun and say I was clear. She wanted to do another internal sono. Yay! Just kidding. Anyway, when she did that, she saw that part of the placenta had cleared by 7mm and there was still another portion that was a little bit on the os. So, she still labeled it as a low lying marginal previa, and we'll need to recheck it again at the sono we scheduled for 37 weeks. I kind of have a feeling that will be my last sono, and if it hasn't cleared at that time we'll need to schedule a repeat c-section. However, Dawn seemed very positive that she thought it would move as the uterus grows over this last part of the pregnancy. I don't know what to think anymore. I kind of have a "whatever happens, happens" attitude at this point. Probably because I'm getting large and uncomfortable! Anyway, baby girl seems to be doing find, her heartrate was 153bpm at this visit. Once again, Dawn assured me she was a girl, so I felt safe washing all the baby clothes that weekend! Also, I tried to get another face shot of her, but we couldn't get it. So, I got another picture of her hoo-ha and belly.

I saw Sherry next, and she didn't really have anything major to add. She asked me if I'd started planning and if I would have help afterward, especially if I have the c-section. I have a feeling I'll need more help after a c-section this time that I did last time!

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