Tuesday, April 26, 2011

34 Weeks

I feel like it's been awhile since I was on the blog. I'm definitely in the uncomfortable stage now. I feel huge, and I think I'm more uncomfortable this time around that last time. Which led me to look at the belly pictures that we took with Tyler. Because I felt surely I must be about five times as large now as I was then. Check it out...green shirt - this pregnancy. Blue shirt - pregnant with Tyler. I think I am a little bigger in the belly this time, but I think that my face was fuller last time. I think my belly is hanging lower, too. Anyway, regardless of what it looks like in the pictures, that's what it feels like. I feel like I need to get one of those support bands to hold it up on some days. I'm not sure if it's just being pregnant a second time around that makes it feel that way, if it's the way baby girl is laying in there, if she's heavier, or what. With Tyler, my lower back hurt BAD a lot of the time. This time, my back doesn't hurt at all (unless I spend the entire day cooking with mom or something like that - which we did last weekend). But the front side of me is in pain instead. Usually late afternoon or evening is the worst. My right ribs ache, the top of my belly burns to the point that it almost feels like it is asleep, and the front of my belly feels like the skin will not stretch anymore without ripping! lol! But really, it's not TOO bad. I am enjoying the pregnancy and loving all those not so little movements that she is making. I know that in another month or so, I will miss that. It's such an amazing thing. I wish I could somehow record them for later when the pregnancy is long over.

It's getting harder at work too. I get uncomfortable if I either sit to long or stand too long. hehehe! I keep making laps around the building. It's difficult to get my chair in a comfortable position at my desk. And depending on how I'm feeling, meetings can be brutal. We had a meeting last Thursday, and I was SOOO uncomfortable. She was so active during the whole meeting, I felt like she was going to bust out - she was putting so much pressure on everything. I seriously thought a couple times that surely my water was going to break - ha!

Anyway, I've been keeping really busy at home doing little things I want to get done. I'll need to take some pictures of the nursery because it's basically done, as well as a couple other little things I've done along the way.

This week I took four days off work (4/25-4/28) to nest and spend some time with Tyler before the big day gets here. Bill and I wanted to take him to St. Louis to the children's museum, but the doctors nixed that idea. They don't want me traveling that far with the previa issue. Such a bummer! :-( I was looking forward to it. I think we are going to take him to the Bloomington children's museum this weekend instead. Not as big or fun by any means, but at least it's something.

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