Friday, March 18, 2011

Tyler's Three Year Well Check

Tyler had his three year well visit on 3-4-11, with Dr. McCarthy.

As we were driving there, he informed me that "I like Dr. Carthy. I don't like the Dr. that gives the owies. (shots) We can wait and get the owie tomorrow!!" Hahaha. He was not due for any owies anyways, but naturally the doctor told us there was a Prevnar update/booster that he needed to have. But, I decided not to do it that day because I wanted to check our insurance again to see how much they covered. I don't know why I didn't just get it done then, because I really don't like the idea of taking him to the health department and catching God knows what. Anyhow, we'll be seeing the owie doctor in a couple weeks to get the shot. Kinda stinks that he needs another shot. That happened last time too - he wasn't supposed to get any, but then the doctor said that he previously had missed one he needed b/c there was a recall on the shots when he was in and they had stopped giving them temporarily. Let's hope this is it until kindergarten.

This appointment was the first time that they did the blood pressure cuff on him...because he's a "big boy" now...sniff sniff! Anyway, he was very skeptical. When the owie doctor (nurse) got it out and pulled the velcro apart you could see him visibly flinch - he probably thought it was another owie coming his way. It was such a cute little itty bitty cuff! Anyway, he sat there perfectly still while she attached it and tried to get his pressure...he moved his fingers a bit so it took a couple tries, but she got it.

Dr. McCarthy then came in. Tyler really likes her. It's so cute some of the things that he knows. She asked him where his heart was, and he knew right away where it was, even though we don't talk about that one much. And then he was trying to ask her about her stethoscope, which was cute trying to hear him say that word! He does so good with her, he always sticks out his tongue and says "ah" so she can see his throat. And he gets a kick out of her finding frogs in his ears when she looks in them. She always says "ribbit, ribbit" when she looks in them.

I actually had to head home at lunchtime today because he was REALLY sick. He looked awful - his eyes were all glazed over and he was running a 103 temp. And asking for mommy! Dr. McCarthy was not there today, so we saw Dr. Harvey instead. She came in and Tyler told me "that's not Dr. Carthy!!!" lol. Anyway, he won the prize for the worst double ear infection of the day. So we are now loaded up on antibiotics for the weekend, thank goodness! Poor little guy.

Anyway, his stats for his three year:

Weight: 34lbs - 74th percentile
Height: 40 in - 95th percentile

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EricaB said...

Poor guy! Hope he's better soon!