Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tyler's Third Birthday

Can't believe my baby is THREE! Time has passed so quickly, and I just love him to bits and am so proud of him. We had his birthday party on March 5 at our house. He had a blast playing with the kids, and got to stay up WAY past his bedtime. :-) Here he is before the excitment began...
This year he wanted a Curious George party, because he has been loving that show. So luckily the party store had that kind party supplies. We got a bunch of red and yellow balloons, and then I blew up a bunch more to just have laying around. The kids had a good time playing with those. And jumping on the bed. I am very glad that it held up!
I was going to order the cake from somewhere this year, just because I've been kind of tired lately and didn't feel like doing it myself this year. And I was going to find something easy to have for food from Sam's too. I told my sister that was the plan, and she volunteered to make the cake and all the food. Fine by me! :-) I was very thankful. She made a really nice cake, cupcakes, lasagna, and carribean jerk chicken with jasmine rice. It was yummy!
Bill and I were really thinking of getting Tyler a Rainbow play system-ish swingset for his birthday. But the one we had our eyes on online sold out. Bummer. So we ended up getting him a train table with the wooden tracks/trains. I think it was a good choice - he LOVES it and we've played with it a ton ever since he received it. This boy loves trains! When he unwrapped it, I swear the kids all played with it for about an hour straight. Just going round and round and round!

When it came time to sing happy birthday and blow the candles out, I could barely drag him away from the train table! He finally came when I told him he could bring a train with him. When we started singing, he plugged his ears up because we were loud! haha! And he finally got all the candles blown out! It was a really fun day! I love my little man!!
Oh, and this year he got to bring treats with him to daycare for his birthday. We had a fun time making them together - rice krispie treat ice cream cones! mmm! And yes, he is cramming rice krispies into a medicine spoon. That took some work to get out! haha!

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