Sunday, March 27, 2011

A nursery surprise and a small miracle!

Last weekend I got a surprise for the nursery. My mom sanded down and painted the rocking chair that she used to rock my sister and I in when we were babies. Isn't it purdy? I just love it, and it looks really nice in the room. It even has a nice pink pad that works perfectly on the chair, made out of that really soft minky material. Now I reallly want to paint the crib and dresser white, but I'm not sure if I'll get around to it or not. She also painted two little end table type things that will go in the room.

Also, the BIG project last weekend was to get the junk cleaned out of the closet in the baby's room. The closet in that room was where everything was shoved that didn't have a home when we moved. And then some. So, here is the small miracle! There is no way I'd ever share a before picture of it, but look at the after picture - wow! A floor! :-)

I'll have to put a post out there for all the other random nursery projects I've been trying to do this week & previous weeks. You can see the curtains I made behind the chair. No sewing machine required - just an iron and hem tape! I have quite a few things done, and this weekend I got a bunch of baby shopping finished too. Not too much time left, I need to get everything finished!!

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