Wednesday, February 23, 2011

26 Weeks

I can't stop eating! lol! It is really hard when there is junk in the house like Valentine's candy, because its like once I start cramming stuff in my face, I cannot stop. Luckily I am still having my pineapple craving, and it is expanding to other fruit like strawberries and grapes. So at least those are healthy things. I broke down and bought TWO pineapples last week at the store. Mmmmmmm. I feel like I'm getting huge, but I know that the big growth is still yet to come. I really love the preggo belly though. I also felt today like my hands were swelling. I've been downing water like it's going out of style. Hope that I do not have AFI issues again this time around. I figure staying hydrated can't hurt!

Jaimie helped me paint the baby's room the Saturday before Valentines Day. I painted it a color from Restoration Hardware called Silver Sage. It's kind of a muted robin's egg blue color. Yes, I painted our baby girl's room blue. Isn't that funny? I didn't want to paint Tyler's room blue, and he was a boy. Now we have a girl and I cannot bring myself to paint the room pink. But, pink will be the accent color. I'm going for a peaceful, calm baby room look. I debated between bold or peaceful. I decided we can switch to bold when she is older. Since evidently I love to paint. Ha.

Hmmm. What else. You know how some people talk about how they feel sad that the days of just being able to focus their attention and spend time alone with their existing one are coming to an end? I'm feeling some of that. Tyler is just changing before our eyes and becoming such a little man. I hope he adjusts well and knows how much Mommy loves him when she is busy with the new baby. I know he will, but it is something I think about more and more. It's kinda sad. I have been trying to organize all my digital pictures before the new baby gets here, and I keep looking at his pictures from when he was little. He isn't my little baby any more, but I still want him to be!
And then there is this feeling creeping in my mind that the end of the pregnancy is going to be here before I know it! At work I think "only 4 more closes and I'm gone!" Yikes! That doesn't seem that far away - need to start getting my stuff together there. And then I think of all the stuff I want to finish up here at home before the baby gets here - including the nursery. Oh, if there were only more hours in the day. And if this third trimester is anything like with Tyler, I am going to go back to zombie exhaustion mode again. I actually have been pretty tired this week, although I have still had plenty of energy to get things done.


Jaimie said...

The pressing question when are you going to finish the owls?? :)

Kristin said...

Come hell or high water, my fugly little owls shall be finished.