Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2-14-11 Doctor Appointment

I had my monthly doctor appointment yesterday morning. I had to report bright and early at 8:00 to drink my sugary cocktail for the glucose test. I signed in and after the typical "bathroom break" she handed me the bottle and told me to drink it within 5 minutes. The first half never tastes that bad...the second half always seems SO sugary! Anyhow, just as I was drinking the last drop the nurse called my name to go back to the exam room. I saw Dr. Mueller this time - the first time I've seen him. He checked the baby's heart rate, which sounded good at 158bpm, and measured my fundal height, which was also okay. Then talks of the placenta began. He said that typically complete previas do not move. And that if I continue to have no bleeding problems (keeping my fingers crossed for that) that they usually like to schedule a c-section at 37 weeks because they do not want you to go into labor, etc. He said no VBAC with a complete previa - obviously. Basically, don't get your hopes up that it will move! No exercise (including vigorous walking) and avoid lifting heaving things. Anyway, other than that it was your typical uneventful appointment. Oh, and I've gained 5 pounds since the visit last month, which is pretty typical. I've gained around 10 pounds so far.

So, then I went straight to the sono room to have a check on the placenta. I don't know why they didn't do to the sono FIRST, because that is what I'd verified with them over the phone two times. I wanted to see the doctor after the sono so we could discuss the placenta, etc. Naturally I made the lady verify that the baby had not grown boy parts since the last visit. Still a girl! And then she proceeded to tell me that the placenta had actually moved since the last visit. So much for all the talk from the doctors that complete previas don't move, right? She said that it was still covering the os (the inner part of the cervix) but that she was going to now call it a low lying marginal previa and suggest that we recheck in 4 more weeks. I avoided another internal sono this time, but I'll likely have another one next time since they can measure it better that way. She talked to Mueller in the hall and he agreed to the recheck in a month. She said that I have an anterior placenta more toward my left side. Typically placentas are posterior, but from what I've read an anterior placenta has more of a chance of moving as your uterus stretches as grows as you progress. So maybe it's good that it's in the front. This also explains why I always feel more baby movement on the right side.

Obviously this news doesn't mean that I'm free and clear. It's still covering the cervix. But at least I have more hope that it might actually continue to move and get out of the way. It will just be a waiting game to see what it decides to do! I was so happy with the sono lady though - at least someone sounded a little positive about it!

Then, it was back to the waiting room to wait for 40 more minutes until the glucose blood draw. Hopefully I'll pass it like last time. It would be a long morning in the waiting room if I had to do the 3 hour test!

Next appointment is mid March.


Jaimie said...

I'm glad it moved a little bit! Here's hoping it moves some more! :)

EricaB said...

Glad it moved some! You never know. I'm glad everything else looks good! :)