Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tyler Talk

I've been sick for a couple weeks now. I told Tyler back at the beginning that he couldn't touch or kiss on my face so he wouldn't catch "germies."

Now Tyler blows the "germies" off of things sometimes. We are putting pennies in his piggy bank and he starts blowing on them. "I'm blowing the germies off, Mommy."

One of the first days when I was trying to stay in bed he climbed in with me. "Mommy I don't feel good too. I am a little sick." Oh really I say. Where don't you feel good? "I am a little bit sick in my eye," as he points that little finger at his eye and tells me in such a serious tone.

We needed to take our cat Charlie in for his rabies shot, and I was preparing Tyler and telling him about it, since this would be my first attempt with taking both Tyler and a cat by myself to the vet. I told Tyler we'd be putting Charlie in a box so we could carry him in. I thought he'd get this better than talking about a crate for the cat. He tells me, "But Mommy. Christmas is over. We don't have any more boxes!!" It was funny taking him to the vet. He took his shoes off in the waiting room which we were waiting! He did NOT want them back on. He had about 1000 questions for the vet. And poor Charlie. Of the two cats, Charlie is the one who will ever so slightly tolerate him. But he was out of his comfort zone that day...his eyes were big as saucers as he was poked and prodded and as Tyler noisily asked the vet about everything. He hid for a while when we got hom. lol.

Tyler is now into knock knock jokes as well. Of course, they don't really make sense at this point right now. But he still balls his little hand into a fist and knocks twice. Then he says "knock knock" and waits for you to answer. Usually he answers back with every name of of Thomas the Train that he can think of or something like that. And when you say "Thomas who?" He'll just make up some oddball thing to say that may or may not make sense. It's pretty funny.

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