Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a GIRL!!!!

It's a GIRL!!!

We had our anatomy sono today...a day earlier than I was expecting! I was kind of flustered when I found out. But it was nice finding out a day early! Our appointment was supposed to be tomorrow morning at 8:30, but they had to switch it because there wasn't going to be a sono tech at the Rt. 91 location tomorrow. So we had it today at the office's new Glen Park location.

I was pretty sure it was a boy, so I was very surprised! We even had kind of agreed on a boy name, so now we'll be back to square one!

It was so amazing to see that little baby on the screen. She popped up there right away, and the tech got busy getting all of her measurements. She got her heartbeat, heart, head, body, brain, kidneys, the whole works. About halfway through she said "it's a girl!" I couldn't believe it! lol! I just looked at Bill and was like WOW! The tech said that all the measurements looked good. But then at the end she said she was going to have to do an internal! Evidently she couldn't get a good enough look at the placenta placement relative to the cervix, so she needed to do it the other way. She found that the placenta is over the cervix. If it is completely or marginally covererd, I'm not sure. And I don't know if it is offically considered placenta previa or not.

Tomorrow morning I have my appointment with Dr. Teverbaugh. So, I'll get to talk more in detail about the sono with her. The tech did tell me that usually it resolves itself as the uterus grows larger, but I also believe it depends on to what degree the cervix is covered. So, we'll have to see. It doesn't really mean anything bad for baby, so that is good. As long as I don't start bleeding or something, which is a possibility, but I haven't had any issues yet. The only bad thing is that if it doesn't resolve, I probably would have to have another c-section - boo! But, baby looks good, so that is what is important!

So, we had a pretty exciting day! We told Tyler it's a girl! I don't know if he completely understood, but he did say at dinner that I had a baby Renee in my belly. Renee is the baby at his! :-)

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