Sunday, January 23, 2011

He took a tumble!

This afternoon right after we put Tyler down for his nap, I drove into work to pull a few things together for our audit. Almost as soon as I got to my office, the phone rang. It was Bill saying that Tyler fell out of bed while he was napping! :-( Poor little guy! Bill said he heard a thump from Tyler's room and he went in and Tyler was sitting by his bed on his knees. Bill said he went in there, and when he saw him he started crying. But, Bill got him calmed right down, and he fell right back asleep. I guess no real harm done, but I felt so sad for him! This is the first time this has happened since we switched him to a big boy bed.


BrookeM said...

Poor guy! Glad to know he is ok :) He is one tough cookie!!

EricaB said...

Oh poor guy! Glad Daddy was there to calm him down.