Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Big Boy Bed Switch

The switch has gone so well! I REALLY thought this was going to be the thing we struggled with, but it wasn't! I suppose I shouldn't speak too soon, though.

This Monday was the first morning he showed up in our room when he woke up. Every other morning he has just sat in his bed and did his normal "It's morning time...time to get up!" call. That morning I heard him saying it as he walked thought the kitchen, and there he was in the doorway. And Monday night was the first time that he came into our bedroom after we'd all been in bed half the night. I think he might have had a nightmare because he was kind of crying. He climbed right up in our bed. But I took him back to his room, gave him blankie, and tucked him in with his stuffed lion and he fell right back to sleep.

He usually does pretty good when it's bed time. He gets little hyper when we first take him in there. He bounces up a down a few times, and generally we can't get him covered up very well. But we tell him goodnight, and shut the door. Depending on the night he might come out a few times (one a bad night he came out like six!) and stall in various ways including having to pee, getting a book, or showing us a toy he says is broken. But if we tell him to go back to his room and get in bed he will. I might have to go back in and cover him up one more time, but then he'll fall asleep.

So, overall, it has gone pretty good. And I am thankful for that!

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