Thursday, January 27, 2011

22 weeks

Last week was the BEST I've felt in a very long time. It didn't last long! Monday night another dreaded cold hit me like a truck. It came out of nowhere. Tuesday I was so-so. Wednesday, I honestly am not sure how I drug myself into work and remained there all day. I felt like death. But with the audit going on, I have SO much to do! So I suffered through. Today I feel a bit better, but I'm not holding my breath!
So, what else. Last week, since I was past the first trimester pukey stage and also had gotten over my first cold and sinus infection fiasco, a couple of my pregnancy cravings were reborn. Fresh pineapple and rainbow sherbet. Not together though. I don't know how many tubs of rainbow sherbet I ate when I was pregnant with Tyler. And it's tasting just as good this time around. And I just can't get enough fresh pineapple - not the canned or frozen kind thankyouverymuch. It needs to be the real deal. It tastes like candy to me. It makes me happy I'm craving something healthy for a change, since all I wanted to gag down in the first trimester was KFC mashed potatoes/chicken snackers, mac n cheese, or plain cheese sandwiches. Not exactly ideal food.
And I think I'm having an early onset burst of nesting. Not that I've actually DONE anything yet, but I just have been thinking about it A LOT. lol. I am going hunting for some fabric to make curtains and a bedskirt for the baby's room. And I'm going to make a mobile and some stuff for the walls too. I am itching to get started, but last weekend I worked so I couldn't. And there are so many things around the house I am just dying to get organized as well, but it's just hard to find the time between working and spending time w/ Tyler. And then every time I feel motivated, I get a cold again! :-)
I have seriously had it with winter this year. I think it's because I've been sick for so long. The thought of walking around outside, pregnant, with this stupid cold just makes me shudder. And I always get stuck parking at the very end of the parking lot at work. Boo! They need to put pregnant parking next to the handicapped spots. Usually I don't crave spring until late February/early March, but not this year. I know it's bad because I'd rather not go outside at lunch time. And I don't have a window anywhere in sight where I work, so that means I'd rather sit in a boring gray building all day than actually see sunlight. Way not cool, and not like me at all.
Here's some other random stuff. My amaryllis bloomed! So pretty. It had three big red blooms on it for about a week. Now I need to find out what to do with the bulb. I threw away the instructions!
And here is Mr. Tyler. He was so very sneaky this night. We didn't hear this chaos being created just a room away. I was just ready to head to bed at 10:00pm (Sunday night I believe - and Tyler gets put to bed around 8:00, mind you), and I opened his door to check on him. The light was on in his room, and this is what I found! I quickly called Bill over, and it was very hard not to laugh! What a booger! You can't completely tell from the picture but he had almost half his books off his shelves and things strewn all over. Those pillows must have gotten in the way of the corn harvesting going on on the bed, since they are thrown on the floor. Look at that expression...ha!

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EricaB said...

So funny! He's so adorable. It's hard not to laugh sometimes!

I hope you feel better soon! I agree with you though - I'm ready for winter and colds to be done with!!