Thursday, January 13, 2011

20 Weeks

Here's 20 weeks! We are halfway through already! That is just amazing to me! I've been feeling much better this week than I was last week.

December was kind of a rough month. I finally started feeling a little better nausea wise, and then I caught a little bit of a stomach bug during the first week or so of the month. I felt kind of off that week, but nothing too major. Then the Wednesday before Christmas, I got a cold. I was pretty sick Wed and Thursday, and then I slowly started to feel better until the following Thursday, when it turned into a sinus infection. I was pretty miserable all throughout New Years, and finally got a z pack the following Wednesday. I was happy to have the days off work so I could just stay home and try to get better!
This week the baby has become a lot more active. On Monday night I was sitting in a chair, and I really could feel the baby moving from the outside of my cool!

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