Thursday, January 13, 2011

12-10-10 Dr. Appointment

I realized that I never posted anything about my Dr. appointment on 12/10/10. It was a fairly uneventful visit. Sherry wanted me to meet with the other midwife, so I had my appoinment with Jennifer.

Really all we did was a quick checkup. She listened to the baby's heartbeat with the doppler - it was in the 150's and she said it sounded "girly." Guess she was right! It
is always so reassuring to hear that little heartbeat...especially at that point b/c I hadn't really had a lot of movement from the baby at the point that I could feel. I was up in weight about 3 pounds at that visit, which was great, considering the stomach bug I'd had earlier in the week had caused me to lose 5 pounds.

So that was it for that visit! I scheduled the anatomy scan & an appointment w/ Dr. Teverbaugh for my next visit.

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