Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tree Decorating Time

We decorated our house the weekend after Thanksgiving. Tyler had SO much fun this year, it was such a good time! He was really into all the ornaments and helped put them on the tree. He loves all the lights and decorations. I think this is going to be a really fun Christmas for him. He's been talking for over two months that he wants a combine from Santa Claus. He always asks where Santa is, and what he is doing. We talk about how the elves are busy making toys for good little boys and girls, and how Santa lives at the North Pole - far, far away.

Here's our tree. I wanted to maybe get a real one this year but since Tyler was still on meds from his ear infection and I was feeling pretty run-down after all the business of having Thanksgiving over here, we decided just to put up the fake one again.
Here's Tyler putting up ornaments for the first time. He was fascinated with the little candy canes at first, until I busted out the! He kept putting everything on the same couple branches. :-)
And here is his all time favorite, the fire truck ornament. You can push a little button on top, and it lights up. He pushes it all the time! He's kissing the ornament in the picture because he loves it. Actually, the first night we had the tree up we had to do a time out because he had a mini-meltdown when he couldn't take the truck off the tree and run it around on the floor. Haha.

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