Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Smiles from Tyler

I love my little boy! Some of the things he says just makes my heart happy.

We've obviously been talking about the new baby with him lately, and I've been trying to get him to do a few more things for himself, like walking from the car into daycare instead of me carrying him. Pregnant belly, snow/ice, heels and balancing a 35lb boy don't really spell out safety. I tell Tyler that he needs to be a big boy and walk because in another month or so mommy's belly is really going to start getting BIG. So, the other morning we were getting ready to leave the house and he was laying on our bed. I said it's time to go, and he says "I'll walk mommy. I'm a good boy. Is your belly bigger now?"

Then another morning we were discussing the baby while we were getting his coat on. I ask Tyler if he wants a boy or a girl. "Hmmmmm....boy!" I then ask, do you want a brother or a sister? "A boy sister!!!" lol!

Tyler loves to help. Especially when I'm cooking stuff. I was making dinner the other night, and I needed to dump some shredded cheese in, so I told him that he could help me do it. "OK! I need a dinner chair!" He never will use the stools at the island, he always needs a "dinner chair" from the table. So, I help him pull one over and he stands on it to the right of the stove and helps me put the cheese in. Then, he opens the cabinet that is in front of him (the one where I keep some of my spices all all my baking stuff like chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc). He says very seriously "Hmmmmmm. What do I need?" Like he was contemplating what important ingredient next needed to go into the food. I'm sure he would have picked chocolate chips to dump in the pasta if I would have let him.

The other night he was kind of being a handful. He got in trouble, and then he was acting really good afterward. He went over to Bill, who had the cell phone, and asked him to call Santa because he was being a good boy now.

And then tonight. I have a raging sore throat. I'm so sad, b/c I have a feeling by Christmas I'm going to be feeling like death, and obviously I can't knock myself out with Nyquil right now and go to bed! So, I decided to have some ice cream to cool down the fire in my throat. Tyler was perfectly content eating oranges with Daddy until he saw the ice cream...:-). So, he asked for some, and I told him okay. He comes over to me and holds out his hands "I'll hold your ice cream for you, mommy" he says in this sweeeeet little voice with a little smirk. The look in his eyes is saying "and I'll eat your ice cream while you're in the kitchen getting mine!"

I wish my memory was better to remember all these little conversations. They are just too cute and amusing!

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EricaB said...

How precious! I love it! I can't wait for those little conversations with Carson. You'll have to jot down as many of those little things as possible, so you'll always remember and be able to look back and smile. He's such a sweet little boy!
I hope you feel better soon!!