Monday, December 27, 2010

He's my baby no more!

The dreaded day finally came...we switched Tyler to a "big boy" bed. I've had several days off in a row, and will only have to work 2 days this week, so I thought it would be a good time in the event of troubles. Last night was his first night. He had his last nap in the good old crib yesterday afternoon. Here are some pictures of him waking up. I was so sad when I was taking them - he is just not my baby anymore! I remember when he was so itty bitty looking in that crib, and obviously now he is about to bust out of it. I remember changing those first newborn diapers on the dresser like it was just yesterday.

I guess there is no good excuse why we waited a while to switch him. He's almost 2 years and 10 months now. He's so tall he easily could have gotten over the top of the crib, but honestly he's just never tried. And I just loved that when he was in his crib I knew exactly where he was and that he was safe. We still use the baby monitor, and since I've had a baby I'm a very light sleeper so I sure hope that I'll still hear if he gets up in the night.
Before pictures:

Anyway, early yesterday evening we moved the crib and dresser into the extra bedroom. We've been discussing with Tyler that this will be for the new baby now. He has seemed to be fine with it. Dad and Bill moved the crib, and while they were downstairs bringing stuff up, Tyler started lugging some of his teddy bears and toys into the bedroom. It was cute, like he was switching rooms or something.
Here he is helping to "hammer" his new bed together.

After the bedrails were on I was trying to help adjust the boxsprings, and the dumb boxspring came crashing down on my foot. Oh, it hurt so bad. My foot still hurts today. Tyler was cute - I was sitting down on his toy box trying to get over it, and he got down on the ground and was trying to kiss my foot - the wrong foot, but it was so sweet! lol! he was making these little smooching sounds!

Anyway, the bed got put up, and I put on his new bedding. I got him a quilt that has construction trucks and the like all over it, since he loves things like that. I'll have to take down the rest of the animal pictures, curtains, etc that are in his bedroom and get something else.

Then we got on with the typical evening routine. After Daddy read him his first story (usually we have to read about 5 books to make him happy) he got this happy look on his face and said "is it time for my big boy bed?!?!" And he was so excited when we said yes. We went in and got the bed turned down. He got to bring a couple toys to bed that would normally not be allowed because he was so excited. He was jumping up and down on it for a bit. He finally laid down, and we put his shams on the floor next to the bed b/c we weren't sure if he'd roll out. And we shut the door behind us like normal. WAY more uneventful than I would have expected.
All was well for awhile. I was in the bathroom next to his bedroom maybe around 8:45 getting some band-aids when all of a sudden the door flew open and a little smiling face popped around the corner and I believe asked me "are you the boss?" And laughed at me. I got him back into bed. I could tell he'd been up in the room, because there were a few more toys in the bed and the CD player had been restarted. He laid back down for me. He stayed up for awhile, although he did not come back out of his room. I could hear him moving about on the monitor, and he must have fallen asleep right before 10:00, which was the last time Bill checked on him. I tried checking on him one time before that when I *thought* he was asleep, only to get him riled up again. We didn't hear from him all night...he did fine! Surely he'll start to fall asleep sooner the more he gets used to it. Usually he's asleep by 8:30.

I didn't work today, so I figured that I'd have a little visitor wake me up this morning. But, he woke me up the normal way this yelling "Mommy! I'm waking up now! It's morning time!" So I went in his room and got him out of bed just like a normal day! He loved his bed!
Naptime today was a complete non-issue as well. He did not fight me one bit on getting into bed, although he did jump around a bit and he basically did the same thing he'd done the night before as far as taking a little extra time to get settled in.
So, we shall see how this continues! I hope it keeps going well! And Bill thinks I'm being silly, but I am SO sad that he is not my little baby in a crib anymore!!!
Here's some after pictures of his new bedroom:

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