Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

We had lots of fun on the Fourth of July. We went to the football stadium in Pekin, and Tyler got to watch his first fireworks show! It was a nice night outside, and we got there around 6:30 or so. I really love the Peoria fireworks, but it is just so CROWDED there. It's so nice in Pekin and feels really family friendly. We hung out on the lawn with Carla, Brian, Madison and some of their friends until the show started around 9:15. Throughout the wait we'd hear various fireworks go off around town, and they set a loud one off every half hour at the show. Tyler sometimes would get startled, but usually he liked it. He liked seeing the smoke in the air after they were set off. He just had a blast with Madison and the other kids that were there. For some reason he was going up to one of the other little boys and saying "Hello, Pickle!" I have no clue where he was getting that from, but he was excited! When the fireworks finally started, he was sitting in a lawn chair with Madison. All of a sudden he popped up out of the chair and with big wide eyes ran over to me. He sat with me for the rest of the show. He alternated between "wow, pretty fireworks!" and being "afraid!" Until he got used to it, he kept putting his little hands over his ears, and then he'd also pick up my arm and drape it over his eyes. Too cute! Overall he loved it. And he was not a BIT tired when we left close to 10:15-10:30. Sleep schedule was completely out the window that weekend!! He and Madison were still running all over the football field. It was a nice time...I really love the 4th of July!

Tyler had 4th of July jammies:

We bought a couple flags on the way in:

Tyler and mommy:

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