Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My poor little guy is afraid of storms. He was up last night in the night when we had a big one. It was really lightning and thundering. Personally, I would have slept straight through it. But, I could hear Tyler start to cry on the baby monitor. Yes, we still use the baby monitor. Tyler's room is far away from ours and I'm afraid I won't hear him otherwise. I went in and he was standing up crying...I went over to him and was hugging him and all he kept saying was "I afraid!" Aw! So, it was one of the rare nights where he came into our room with us. He didn't really fall back asleep in our room, and when the worst of it was over, he asked to go back to his room! Too cute.

So, I was pretty tired at work today. Tyler has been a really good sleeper since I went back to work, and I'm not used to being up in the middle of the night anymore!

A week or so ago we went through the same thing, except our power had been out all day...that was really interesting for Tyler! It actually was a pretty decent night...we headed out to Avanti's for dinner. Tyler ordered for himself for the first time! Really funny. He told the waitress "I want sketti! I want milk!" And then for some reason Bill opened up a packet of sugar for him. Bad idea. Tyler and I were covered in a sticky mess by the time we left. I don't know what Bill was thinking! Anyway, when we got back home Bill was able to hook us up to a generator for a bit...but the gas ran out in the middle of the night. And then another storm hit...and Tyler was 'fraid!


Anonymous said...

He is so cute! Gail was scared during the storms too, but she can't order food for herself!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute! I love your stories! My mom told me that she saw you all at Avanti's that evening...she said that Tyler was really cute and well-behaved :)

Katie (Roth)