Thursday, June 24, 2010


Tonight we went to Splash (Bartonville's carnival) with Carrie, Alan, and Jordan. We had a fun time! Tyler was immediately amazed when he saw the moving rides! He didn't seem like he wanted to go on the rides at first. He watched Jordan go on the motorcycles and he kept saying 'no' when I asked if he wanted to ride. But, then I asked if he wanted to go on the merry go round horses and he said 'Yes Mommy!' rather excitedly. So we did, and he LOVED it! We got him a wrist band so he could ride the other kiddy rides. He went on the train, LOVED it...I was able to go on that one too. And then he wanted to ride the little cars. I couldn't ride those with him, and it was VERY hard to let him go on them without me! I mean, what if he didn't stay buckled know those "seat belts" are really no better than what's in a grocery cart! And what if he started to get out of the ride once it was moving...ahhhh! They say that having a child is like having your heart beating outside your chest, so this was like taking my heart and handing it over to Mr. Carny Worker! Yikes! Anyway, he did fine (silly mom worries!) and LOVED that ride too! We played the duck game and paid $2 for a $.01 paddle ball. We rode the merry go round again, and then I asked if he wanted to go back on the train. He said "no Mommy....THAT!" pointing to the ferris wheel. So Bill went on that with him. Once again, I was a little freaked out watching my little guy go waaaay up in the air on a wheel of death fashioned on what appeared to be a car trailer. But all was well in the end...of course I'm just kidding about the wheel of death! It was a fun time!!

I was so mad I forgot my camera, so here are a couple crappy pictures from my phone...

He doesn't look super excited in this picture, but I can promise you he was once the ride started! :-)

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