Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Tractor, Little Tractor

Bill ordered a new building to keep all of his "toys" in, so he has been working on getting the ground ready to put it up. He and his dad ripped out two trees last night, and they've been moving dirt around with the skidsteer. Tyler LOVES the skidsteer, and calls it the tractor. He has a minature version of the same thing, and he was outside playing with the little tractor next to the big tractor. He LOVES the dirt, and he has been completely filthy the last three nights! It is going to be a dirty summer, I know already! Ha! Anyway, I was trying to help him out with the dirt piles, so I sat on the bucket of the big tractor. He told me "get down! dangerous!" :-)
Here he is using the little tractor to load the dirt into the big one: