Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tyler's Second Birthday

Tyler is two! I can't BELIEVE how fast two years have flown by. We have had two wonderful years, and it is amazing how quickly Tyler has changed up to this point, and how much he continues to change each day. I was able to get one halfway decent picture of Tyler and Blue Bear on his actual birthday. Tyler and I were both feeling under the weather that day, hence his tired look and wild hair! I'm going to try to get a little better picture this weekend. Although I'm sure it will be a challenge getting him to hold still. Look how much he's changed since his first Blue Bear picture. Wow.

I was a little worried that Tyler would be sick for his birthday, because he has had a cold since he started daycare at the beginning of February. But we were able to celebrate on March 6, and he had a wonderful time playing with all of his cousins, opening presents, and eating!

We had a Thomas theme for Tyler's birthday, and I made a Thomas cake for him. It was truly a pain in the butt...haha! Usually I like the character shaped cake pans, but evidently the Thomas pan is retired. So, I found this 3D cake thing on Ebay. Looked easy enough in the description. Ugh. Bill was giving me Cake Boss tips as I tried to piece it together w/ a two year old tugging on my leg. Here is my lopsided little Thomas creation:
Here is a picture of Mommy and Tyler before everybody arrived for the party:
We just had the family over for his birthday this year, but it was still a houseful of people! Tyler absolutely loved it and loved playing with the kids. His cousin Madison is the apple of his eye, and my cousing Cory's family was able to come. They have 3 boys - 11, 9, and 20mos, I believe - and he had so much fun with them. The morning after his party he actually woke up asking for Matt and John. And his toy car. Too cute. We had lots of yummy food that was completely fattening - bbq pork, mac n cheese, cheesy potatoes, spinach tortellini salad, baked beans (Tyler LOVES baked beans), deviled eggs, and pickle wraps. MMM!
At some point after dinner, I said that I thought that we should get started opening the presents. Tyler was over to them in a heartbeat. I didn't even realize that he had heard me say it. He grabbed a present and started ripping into it at the table. You know it's hard work when the tongue gets stuck out! :-)
Here's some more present opening fun...
Loved his tractor shirt:
We got him a remote control car:
Opening his easel while sitting in the cutest little Adirondack chair!
And of course we had to have a Thomas present!

After presents it was time to sing happy birthday and have cake and ice cream! Tyler loved his cake. All morning he wanted to play with it because he thought it was a big toy train. He actually got a little grumpy about it!! lol!
Lighting the candles:
This is what Tyler did the whole time we sang Happy Birthday! Ha...too funny!
Gearing up for blowing out the candles:
We thought he was going to spit the water on them!! Don't you think it looks like that's what he's up to?
But no, it didn't happen! Instead out pops the tongue again, while he decides the best way to handle the situation.
And out they go!!

Happy birthday little man! We love you more than anything and are so lucky to have you in our lives! You bring us so much joy and happiness!

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EricaB said...

So glad he had a wonderful birthday! That cake is fabulous! You're so good at stuff like that!!