Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tyler's 2nd Year Pictures

Here are some pictures we had taken this weekend for Tyler's 2nd birthday. It was quite the ordeal getting him to sit still! All he wanted to do was play with his yellow truck. So that is why there is a yellow truck in some of them! :-) I had been working with him the past couple days to "smile" for me. We'd brush our teeth, and I'd say, show me your teeth...SMILE! And he would! So I was trying to get him to do it there...luckily he did it a couple times. He'll either smile when I say "show me your teeth" or he'll just open his mouth up as wide as possible! He did that for some of the pictures, too! He was not into the tie. He told me "Mommy wear it" when I put it on him for the 50th try. :-) I had a second outfit I wanted to do (cute little khakis), but I was honestly just too exhausted after the below pictures to even give it a shot.

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