Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two Year Checkup

Tyler had his two year checkup on 3-5-10. I can remember the first time I took him in after he was born like yesterday! Now he's two!

The stats:

Weight: 28lbs 8 oz 57%
Height: 36 1/4 in 91%
Head: 48.5 45%

He's doing great! The percentiles always vary just a little. The last time we had him there he was in the 98% for height. I heard an old wives tale somewhere that you take your height at two years old and multiply it by two and that is your height as an adult. I keep meaning to ask mom if she has my height written in my baby book to check! :-)

Tyler did so good with his shot this time. He had to get his last hep A shot. He didn't even cry when they did it! He was not happy that I picked him up and prevented him from running around the room...he kept saying 'no' 'no'! He is officially done with shots until kindergarten.

They always give a little sheet of things that your child should be doing at this age. Some of them made me smile, because they are SO true right now:
  • Is in constant motion - HAHAHA! That has been going on a LONG time
  • Runs and climbs - and jumps and dances
  • Walks up and down stairs alone - scaring the crap out of his mother!
  • May assert self by saying "no" - please see above :-)
  • Claims everything is "mine" - hehehe! Yup!
  • Is in the "do-it-myself" stage - yes, and hope things like the below continue well into the teenage years and for the future wife. But, I'm not holding my breath!

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EricaB said...

How cute!

I heard the same on the height thing. Some women were just talking about it yesterday. Supposedly it's different for boys and girls. One's 2 and one's age 2 1/2. But can't remember which is which. :-) They swore by it though!