Monday, February 1, 2010

Where did 2 months go??

I need to get back to blogging! The past two months have just flown by. Everything was so busy around the holidays. I have been on a little bit of an organizing spree - trying to find suitable organization for the aftermath of Christmas. Mostly for Tyler's toys. I was finally successful after a very fun adventure to IKEA. I've also been trying to get some things up on the walls at the house, and just trying to keep things from getting cluttered in the first place. Now I'm on a kick where I'm sorting through all the pictures that I've dumped on jump drives and my laptop. I've decided that I need to get everything backed up. Oh, yeah, and maybe I should actually print some pictures out since I haven't done so maybe since maternity leave.

There are so many things that I want to get done around the house. My new kick is wanting to get the trim up around the entertainment center and also get the plant ledge and columns trimmed out between the kitchen and dining room. Of course, that might be quite a while. We really need to get the deck going once it gets nice outside. And I need to quit destroying the kitchen...a candle shattered last week on the island and caused some damage to the countertop, which currently is on order for replacement. VERY scary. Thank goodness I was right there when it happened.

Tyler has been doing great and is coming up with new things to say and do every day. He likes to say "I do it," "All done," "What you doin," "What was that noise," and a variety of other words that make me smile. No bad ones yet...keeping my fingers crossed.

This week (tomorrow) Mom will be getting her knee replaced, and then on Wednesday Tyler will begin daycare. I am hopefull that everything will go smoothly for everyone.

I can't believe that Tyler will be TWO at the end of the month. Boy, that sure went by FAST. As I mentioned, I've been sorting through all the pictures from the past couple years and it is just amazing how much he has changed. He is such a little sweetie pie and I love him to pieces!

Promise to upload pictures soon!!!

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