Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tyler Starts Daycare

My mom had her knee replaced on February 2nd, so we decided that it was time to start Tyler at a daycare. We ended up choosing Tina's Tots in Bartonville. Tyler started on Feb. 3rd. He went the 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th, and 11th so far. It hasn't been TOO bad so far. The first week went a little better than the second as far as crying in when I dropped him off. The first day he obviously had no idea what was in store. The second day, it was a little more crying when I dropped him off. The second week...the crying would start before we'd even leave the house. When I'd say it was time to get on his shoes, he'd say "no, mommy, no" and the tears would come. Today he started saying "no mommy no" before I even finished getting dressed. Every morning we have to drive past my parents house. When I don't turn down the driveway, that triggers more crying and yelling for "Grandma." But, once he's there, he is fine. Tina says that he's been playing well with everyone, and on most of the days he takes the full two hour nap. I hope that he gets used to it soon. I really feel evil dropping him off every morning.
To top everything off, Tyler and I both have a nasty cold (we were sick together last Feb as well - he with pneumonia, and me with almost pneumonia), Bill got thrown into working 10 hour days last week, and I'm in the middle of the audit and closing at work. Well, actually we just finished closing today and the audit will be over after tomorrow for the most part. This is always the busiest time of year it seems.

Here is a picture of Tyler on the morning of his first day of daycare:

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