Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Six years today!

This is a picture from last night. We went on the haunted Alton tour. It was fun...we met Jaimie and some of her friends since she likes that sort of thing, too, and it was about half way for all of us. Tyler spent the night at mom and dad's because we knew we'd either get back reeeaallly late or end up staying down there. Well, we decided to drive back home afterwards. I slept until 10:45 this morning! I seriously can't even remember the last time that I slept that late!

We started off the night at this little street fair that was going on in Alton. Bill and I walked through a pawn shop and a really cute little art studio. Then when Jaimie and her friends arrived we went to a place called Fast Eddie's for dinner. It was really good and surprising really cheap!

Group pic:

Jaimie, Bill and me:

Me and Rachael:

After eating it was off to the History & Hauntings Book Co. to start the tour. There was some interesting reading at the store...

Jaimie and me at the bookstore:

Then off walking into the night we went. The guide was a very interesting storyteller. There were several stops. We went to a house that used to be a stop on the underground railroad and then was later a tuberculosis hospital:

This is Jaimie in the tunnel where they used to hide runaway slaves:

The building is now apartments. People in the building sometimes report footsteps, shadows, and hearing screams.

Another stop was the old confederate prison. These stones are a memorial and all that remains of the place, and they are directly on top of where thousands of bodies were buried (if you'd want to call it that - they were pretty much dumped in a large pit) after a major smallpox outbreak at the prison. Evidently many strange things happen around this area.

The last stop we made was the First Unitarian Church. Super creepy and strange. I didn't like the feeling I had in here - I felt SO nauseous while we were upstairs. Once we moved to the basement I was fine. Jaimie thinks that she felt something pulling at her hair while she was sitting in the pews, and there were three girls across from us that actually stopped the guide and said that something was going on with them. They ended up getting up and leaving b/c they could not take being in there anymore. The story w/ the church was that a minister there hung himself. His body was buried in town, and relatives were never found for one ever came to claim him. Scary place.

So, it was a fun weekend. I am a die hard scary movie addict, so I always enjoy anything like this.

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