Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's August...

Hard to believe! The time has just flown by this summer.

I haven't posted for awhile, mainly because we just got internet access at the new house recently. The other reason being that I tried out the Jacuzzi tub for the first time. Updating a blog vs. sitting in the Jacuzzi tub. Which would you pick?

Anyway, the move went very well. Both Bill and I took Friday June 26th off, and we had everything moved and the key turned over to the new owner by the end of the day on the 28th. We had a ton of help and it was all greatly appreciated. We moved a decent amount on Friday, and we started early Saturday morning and had the entire house cleared out by dinner time. So Saturday was the first night in our new house. Sunday Bill worked on the few things that were remaining in the old garage.

It seemed really weird to be living at the new house at first. It really felt like we were just in a hotel. I think it took about a week for that feeling to go away...for me anyways. It was also a little sad to be out of our old house at first. You know, just missing that comfortable feeling. But now it has been over a month since we've lived here. That seems hard to believe! And I definitely feel like this is home now. I have TONS of organizing I need to do, and also a decent amount of unpacking. The main level is pretty much under control unpacking wise, but the basement is a disaster. And honestly, I could care less about that at this point. That will be a good cold weather project. I want to start getting the decoration type things out - I have done about zero in that area. And I can't wait to get outside and get things going in the yard - flowers, trees, etc. But that will also be put on a back burner until the right time of year.

This weekend Bill, Tom and Dad worked on the yard. You know that ornamental grass that looks like it has little foxtails all over it? Well, up until this point that is pretty much what we had all over our yard. Except ours was actually weeds. They used a wide variety of implements and got the whole business taken care of, leveled off, and seeded in wheat. We'll plant grass seed later on when the time is right.

Tyler loved planting the wheat! He had his little hands in everything. He was digging it out of the seed bag, and was throwing it all over the place. I think he had a really fun weekend watching all the 'diggers and dumpers' (that's the name of his current favorite book), playing in water, and planting seeds. Oh, and his lower molars popped through this weekend as well!

I have tons of pictures I could upload, but this blogger service is being super putzy tonight and I'm not going to mess with it now. I'll try to get them on another time.

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