Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath...

Tyler loves everything water related - especially bathtime! Usually I am as wet as he is by the time we're done.

This is how the morning started out today:
Tyler's lamp had fallen over in the night and left a major burn in the carpet! I was in freak out mode once again. Who could be responsible for this, you ask? I was ready to skin him alive.

Tyler got a good look at it this evening. Lol! You can totally tell he is not okay with the situation! Somebody Bill knows is going to fix it for us before we move.

Freak out number one occurred on Sunday morning when Tyler FELL OUT OF HIS CRIB. It was so horrible...he didn't get hurt or anything but it was a very terrible thing for a mommy to see. He was scared and so was I and we were both crying. Thank goodness Bill was there. Then in no time he was back to normal. Then later in the morning Bill fell off of a ladder up at the house. He also was not majorly hurt - he was just majorly sore.
Tyler is working on getting his lower molars in and has been super crabby lately. His top ones have broken through and I can't wait for this set to do the same. I know that it hurts him.
We are officially moving this weekend! I can't believe it! The inspectors came by this afternoon at 1:30 or so and did not have anything major on their list to fix. Everything should be fixed by the end of tonight! So they said we can start moving things in and they will be back on Friday to double check everything and give us our certificate of occupancy or whatever they call it. Then we can actually live there. Gotta love Peoria County. (sarcastic, if you can't tell)
I am so thankful for everyone who has helped us in one way or another on the house. I have found it to be one of the most stressful times so far in my life. There are so many decisions to make, and juggling house, baby, and full time job have not been the most fun at times. I am so thankful that soon I will be back to a semi-normal schedule and lifestyle. I apologize for all the times I may have whined, yelled, cried, forgotten things I shouldn't have, or seemed like I was on a different planet. :-) I was looking at my Outlook calendar at work today, and I noticed that we are just a couple weeks shy of the one year anniversary that we gave our builder the go-ahead to have our plans officially drawn up and start the whole process. I can't believe it has been a year! Some parts have gone by fast, and others slow. Overall, the house turned out wonderful and I am just glad that we are finally moving in!


Amanda said...

COngrats on your move. You little boy is just precious!

God bless-

BrookeM said...

Yea for a new post! Tyler looks like he is having a GREAT time in the bathtub - I love the pictures with his big smile :)

I am so excited for you to move into your house too! It is a neat house and all the stress will be worth it once you are settled in.