Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Chompers

Two of Tyler's molars have officially popped through! Both of them are on the top. I think he's been working on them for at least two or three weeks now, because I could feel some bumps on his upper gums. After dinner tonight I decided to check them, and there they were! I could feel a little bit of tooth on each side. Maybe that is why he was kind of sick Friday. Dianne said that he was running a fever all day Friday (not sure on the temperature, she didn't take it that day). Friday night after closing on our house, he just looked complely exhausted, so he went to bed a little early - but the fever felt like it had went away. About 3am he woke me up crying, and the fever was back. I decided to bring him into bed with us, and it took him a good hour to get settled back down and back to sleep. When he got up the next morning he was really grumpy (unlike anything I'd ever seen before) and I noticed that there were little bumps on his face. I thought he might have slept funny on the sheets or something. He also had bumps on his stomach, but I thought it was a heat rash from the fever the day before. Well, by Sunday he was broken out in a full blown rash all over his body and face. It was roseola, I think. Initially I had thought it was a reaction to his MMR and chicken pox vaccine he got at the end of May. I ended up calling the doctor, and it was nothing to worry about. It is completely gone now, thank goodness!

So now he has 10 teeth! At least we're halfway through the 12 month molars I keep hearing horror stories about! :-)

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