Friday, June 5, 2009

I am homeless...kind of.

We officially sold our house at around 4:00 today. All the paperwork is signed, etc. So I guess we're homeless! At least we have a few nice size appliance boxes to live in! :-) Ha...just kidding. We'll get to stay put until we have the house finished, which after talking to our builder today might be another 3 weeks. We are so close I can taste it. The countertops arrived, but are not yet installed. Our new shower and tub are tiled. 99.9% of the trim is up. The big thing left is getting the plumber in to trim out. Other than that it's just little things. Hopefully it will be sooner than 3 weeks!

Although I've looked forward to a new house for quite some time, it will still be sad to leave our first house behind. I've lived here over 5 1/2 years and Bill has been here even longer than that. So I've been coming to this house for a very long time - probably since around 2000. We've had lots of memories here and it is where we brought Tyler home to. It will be really weird driving by and not being able to go inside anymore. Tyler will never remember living in this home. In some ways it doesn't seem like moving will really happen - it seems like something we just talk about. But as we've started packing and as the other house looks more and more complete I think the reality is finally sinking in!

I will miss our little house and the memories we've had here. But I'm looking forward to settling in at the new house and moving forward.

Better go for now - tomorrow kicks off what I hope is the last marathon painting weekend. I think I'll be a borderline professional painter after the house is complete! :-)

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