Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Playing at the Park

Jaimie was home for a week after her finals were finished, so on Friday night she came over for dinner and then we took Tyler up to the park here in town. He really likes going on the slide! We have a little one in our yard that I've been taking him on lately.

Other new things with Tyler...he's been going to bed without being rocked for about a month and a half now. I probably kept up the rocking at night longer than I should have, but it was just so hard to give up! I miss him while I'm away at work during the day, and it's just so nice to hold him when I can! Anyway, the routine is bath, read a book, and then bed. Most of the time, he goes to bed without crying, but some nights he fusses for a minute or so and then lays down.

The past week or two he's been taking a bite of food, chewing it for a bit, and then spitting it all down the front of him. Don't know what this is about. He's usually a pretty good eater. Maybe it's because he's getting some molars in? I can feel bumps under his gums but nothing is through yet.
He also started doing this 'skip' thing this past weekend. He can pretty much run at this point, but now his added this little galloping skip thing that is soooo funny!
In the swing:
Going down the slide:
Who's back there???
He's trying to take the camera away from Jaimie here:

Pure happiness:

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