Thursday, April 2, 2009

Top 25 Things Kristin Will Miss About CG

I came across this list the other day when I was cleaning out old file folders. Since I am only 1/2 watching the last episode of ER while checking my emails, here it is.

25. Erica's hugs and sing-a-longs
24. Crisco
23. CAFR 2000
22. Certain people in shorts on the weekend - terrycloth or otherwise
21. Getting inside a trunk and realizing she fits
20. Pineapple generosity
19. Daily ProSystems updates
18. Daily Lisle server updates
17. Unedible breakfast casserole every Saturday
16. :-) ;) ;)~ ;)0 {:-)
15. Elevator music by the front copier
14. Jason's jokes
13. Duckens and old people crossings signs. Basically, Livingston County in general
12. 3:00 huffing sessions
11. The lovely aroma in the girls bathroom
10. Opportunities to hear quotes like the following:
a) "I don't know what the big deal is. I've been on a boat before."
b) "Across the river"
c) "It's a critical time of the audit"
d) "Yeah, well, your shoes don't match your shirt!" (nuzzle, nuzzle)
9. Brooke's excessive flashing
8. Carole's winning personality
7. That new carpet smell
6. The angry little troll's short pants
5. Timekeeper
4. Cockroaches
3. RoJo skipping around the office in his neon green St. Patty's Day shirt
2. U of I
1. Matt's admiration of her hoo-ha's

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