Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Painting Painting Painting

I started painting the house on Saturday, and took Monday and Tuesday off work to continue painting. I got two bedrooms, our master bath, the laundry, and 1/2 bath completely finished. Oh, and our walk in closet, too. Our master bedroom and the hall outside our room are also primed and ready to go. So it was a pretty productive four days. Despite a bout of feeling like crap on Sunday (I had to miss a b-day party b/c I felt so nasty) and a somewhat late start on Saturday, I still got through a good part of the house. The kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom cannot be painted until this weekend anyway, since the plaster hasn't cured long enough. I actually was happy to go to work and sit on a chair all day, as I've spent the better part of the last four on top of a ladder. I better rest up before this weekend - there will be LOTS more to do!

The bad news is that I am not really happy with the color I put in the laundry and 1/2 bath. It is a blue color that looked nice on the paint chip and when we were putting it on the walls it looked pretty good, too. But once it dried....hmmmm. Questionable. Kinda feel like I'm inside a Smurf. Bill doesn't really like it either. I'm kind of mad at myself that I spontaneously switched to blue (it wasn't what I initially had in mind), and also that I wasted the painting time.

I swear, I'm making this whole picking out color thing waaaay harder than it has to be. Anybody have any suggestions for a good laundry/ half bath color? I'd love to hear them before this weekend rolls around!!! :-)

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Rachel said...

I love a dusty blue color with brown...might be kind of trendy right now, but I love the combo. I can't believe you did all that work in just 4 days! Can't wait to see the house!