Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tyler's Second Cake Smash

On Sunday we went and got some pictures taken for Tyler's first birthday. When I told Tyler that he would be getting another cake to smash, his reaction was great surprise and happiness:

Hahaha...just kidding. Tyler makes that face alot lately. He usually will make it when he's hungry and wants something to eat, and he also makes it when we tell him something is 'hot' - like a candle or stove or something along those lines.

He looks like he's up to something here...

And he's really into it here...
Look at me! I've conquered the cake!!!

Before we gave him the cake, he just played with the balloons and he LOVED them soooo much.

And here are a random few others:
Thanks to Jaimie for going along and helping me. It was a mini workout getting him to sit halfway still for any of the pictures, at least until the balloons and cake appeared!


Susie said...

He is sooooo darn cute! Can't wait to see him again!

Jaimie :) said...

The workout was actually trying to wash him with no towels in the tiny sink in the developing room.

Kristin said...

You know, I usually always have a receiving blanket in the diaper bag for potential problems (one never knows when they'll find themselves covered in cake), but the only reason that I didn't have it was a couple weeks ago on my way into work I managed to dump an old can of Pepsi on the passenger seat in my car, and that was the only thing available to mop up the mess. What a pit of filth my car has become.