Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tyler's 1st Birthday

We celebrated Tyler's first birthday on March 1st 2009. Here are some pictures from his party. He had a fun time!

The party had a teddy bear theme, which went with the party decorations, and his Big Blue Bear. Mom baked the cakes, and I decorated them. This was Tyler's cake to smash:

This was his other cake for everybody else, which was also white:
And then we also made chocolate cupcakes with paw prints:

I love, love, love to decorate cakes. If anybody needs to borrow a flat or 3D teddy bear cake pan, let me know! His party hat looked like a cake.


Tyler with Mommy and Daddy. Just realized how pale I look in this pic...gotta love that even Tyler has darker skin that me - looks like I haven't seen the light of day in about 10 years! :-)

He loved the balloons!

Here we are opening presents. He was able to focus his attention on it a little bit longer than when we opened Christmas presents. But not much longer! I imagine next year might be a little different.

This toy fascinated him. He carts it all around the house, and the little gears get lost all over the place!

Time for his first birthday cake!

The kids playing with the balloons...

Lauren, Madison, Alyssa, and Tyler...

In his birthday hat...

After everybody left, this is what he did. Poor little guy was all tuckered out, and he slept really well that night!

On the 2nd, he had his one year well-baby visit. Dr. McCarthy said he is doing great. Since he is one year old and over 20 pounds, we were able to switch his car seat to forward facing, which I love. It is strange to look in the backseat and see him looking back at me! I think he likes it, too. He was also able to start on Vitamin D milk. Boy, I sure am sad that I don't have to buy Similac anymore...just kidding!
This is the first morning he was forward facing in his seat. I think I was making the same face...we did not feel like morning people that particular day - if you have a problem with it, too bad! :-)
Drinking his first bottle of regular milk. He LOVED it. I gave him a big bottle, and he gobbled it right down!


BrookeM said...

Maybe he is making that face b/c you made him wear that hat!!

Just kidding :) He looks adorable in it! Actually, he looks cute in everything you dress him in. I especially liked his birthday vest. It made him look so grown-up.

Happy 1st Birthday Tyler!!

Susie said...

My goodness you and your mom have some serious talent! His nursery is totally cute and now we find out you can decorate cakes! Are you sure you are supposed to be an accountant!

Thanks for sharing the pics! Happy birthday Tyler!

Kristin said...

Thanks, girls! I just can't believe he's ONE already!:-)

Mrs. Kocher said...

KQ...Tyler is so cute!!! I can't believe that he is one already!!! I just set up a blog for my freshmen classes, so I thought I'd check yours out and add it to my list so I could keep track of it. We have to get together over spring break. I know you, unfortunately, don't get one, but will you have any days off around Easter?