Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting Closer and Closer

People have been busy at work on the house. The plumbing rough-in, HVAC, and electrical rough-in have been in the works over the past couple weeks. Bill has had some helpers the past two weekends or so to get everything completed for this stage of the electrical - a couple friends from his work and both of our Dads. The inspector was out on Monday, and he found nothing major wrong with anything. so the insulators were out Tuesday - today. I know things have been progressing prior to their arrival, but wow! Now I can really tell a difference! Things look completely different on the inside. Tomorrow we are meeting our mason to show him the samples we have chosen, and then he will be able to get to work. The plasterer is set for two weeks from this past Monday. It was so nice out this weekend that I took Tyler out to the house on Sunday, and took McDonalds to everyone for lunch. I've been having cravings for Filet-O-Fish...gosh darn it - they always suck me in at this time of year w/ all their advertisements of double fish deliciousness. He had so much fun. He loved playing in the dirt out front and really enjoyed playing with these plastic blue connectors that they were using for the wiring.

I'm glad I captured a shot of this face. I've been trying to for some time now. He does quite often - he'll wrinkle his little nose up and make this deep sniffing in and out noise. It's so funny. He'll imitate you doing it. Other things set him off to do it as well. For example, the baby shampoo bottle we're using is getting empty, so when you squeeze it, it kinda makes that noise. So then he'll do it also. Cracks me up.

Hey Dad! Whatcha doing? Can I help?

We stopped back out Tuesday after I got of work because to sit inside that 70+ degree day would have been complete insanity. That way I could also check out the insulation.

Our little electrical inspector:

I stopped out after work today, and they'd put up a good portion of this kind of insulation over the foam:

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