Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Day at the Park

On Saturday it was a beautiful day outside so Tyler and I took a nice long walk. I stopped at the little park in town for the first time with him, and decided to swing him a little bit. He loved it. Sunday after we got back from looking at the new house, our neighbor was out and so we went over there and he got to play in the sandbox with her little one year old. I think we're going to need a sandbox.

He was all tuckered out after the walk and the park visit. He actually fell asleep while we were eating dinner. That has only happened one other time in his life, so I figured I might as well take a picture of him! You know how you see pictures of babies randomly falling asleep while playing, etc? That does not happen with my baby. He is on the go constantly. But it's all good, b/c it is good exercise for mommy, too!
I took a picture of the river while we were out on the walk. It is pretty high, but I think that I've seen it higher. I wish it was this high all the time. It is much prettier. Our house is very, very close to the river (there is one house, a couple empty lots and the little road between us), but we've never had a problem...knock on wood (for a couple more months, anyway!).
Oh, and Sunday night we showed our house to somebody, and they made an offer the next day! And we found it to be an acceptable offer! Pray that everything goes as planned and everything goes through with no problem. It just seems too smooth to be true. I feel like we are going to hit some huge bump in the road.

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