Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a Nice Day!!

Wow! Saturday was SO NICE outside. Bill worked out at the house putting some lighting on the exterior with my Dad. I took Tyler out for a visit since it was such a nice warm day. It was his first time in his new house. The siding people were also out, and they finished siding the entire west side of the house.

Saturday was also my Grandpa's birthday, so we went to my grandparents for dinner - we had chili - one of my favorites! It was very nice to get together! Happy birthday PaJake!

After leaving my grandparents, we went to Jukebox to celebrate Carrie's 30th birthday. Greg Proops was the comedian, and he was really good. I didn't recognize the name, but I recognized the face from Whose Line is it Anyway. I hadn't been to Jukebox in a long, long time.

I will be excited to be finished with this week of work. We've had the auditors in the last two weeks, and last week was January closing as well, which I am behind on due to the audit. So, it will be nice to hopefully get caught up and get this busy time of year finished. All day Friday I just felt completely crappy. Probably just too much going on at once. I have learned that 1) it is no fun being 9 months pregnant during the year end audit/January close (last year) and 2) it is no fun trying to juggle a baby while thinking about house building items during the year end audit/January close (this year)! Guess next year I'll be good to go! :-)
Does this picture remind you of anything?

This is what it reminded me of:

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