Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is New with Tyler?

Tyler loves playing in his crib while I try to either put on or take off his clothes. I have found it is much easier to stick him in here rather than chasing him all over the place trying to get the job done. He loooooves the blue blanket he is holding. We cover him up with it every night.

Tyler loves playing with lids and bowls. More than most of his toys. He loves getting into cabinets and drawers, and looks at the cat food bowl longingly. We have done a pretty good job telling him that is a no-no. He loves putting things into containers.

Tyler loves rolling balls all over the floor and chasing after them. He thinks it's funny if you roll them to him, too.

Tyler loves taking baths. He has a little basketball hoop bath toy with little squirt balls, and he gets a kick out of playing with it. Sometimes he gets frustrated that he can't make the balls squirt, and it is kinda cute when that happens.

Tyler loves cottage cheese (just like his Mommy - I know, I'm weird). He loves squishing it between his fingers and shoveling it in! He is starting to lose interest in baby food. He would rather have what Mommy and Daddy are having, and we have been encouraging that to start transitioning him over to real people food.

Last, Tyler has his fifth tooth. One popped in on Sunday next to his bottom teeth. I can see that his front teeth will be soon to follow.

He is a walking machine now. He can go pretty fast at times!!

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