Thursday, January 29, 2009

11 Months!!

Tyler is 11 months old today! He has been walking all over the place and can easily make it from one room to another, all the way down the hall, etc. It is so strange to see him walking around, because it seems like just yesterday that he would stay put on his little blanket. It is so much fun watching him go after things and get excited over simple things like containers with lids, spoons, tearing through his diaper bag, etc. He is very much into opening cabinets and getting things out of them. And he loves going through the drawers in our bathroom. He has been getting very grumpy during the morning routine of getting him bundled up to go outside. For that reason, I will be glad when it is warm again outside (although I do enjoy the snow). It wasn't nearly as difficult when he was still in his carrier car seat. I am counting down the days until he can be foward facing in the car instead of rear facing. I heard other people say how they were so happy when they could flip the seat around, but didn't understand their excitement until now! :-) But overall, I can't complain because Tyler has been a very well tempered little boy. He is usually always a happy little guy and does so well when we take him out places.

I can't believe how quickly January has flown by. I feel like it was just New Year's the other day. Our auditors are in this week and next so things have been very hectic at work, but since tomorrow is Friday, it's almost halfway over!

This is a little video of Tyler walking. My camera's card was almost full, so I couldn't tape for very long. I have lots of other pictures to post, but I'm tired so I'll have to do it another day.

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Debbie Grubb said...

Happy Leap Year Birthday Tyler!!!
I can't believe he is already a year old. He is absolutely adorable (how could he not be considering his mommy, aunt Jaime and Grandma Suzanne and Great-Grandma Evelyn). Enjoy every minute of this because before you know it they are in school.
Love - Debbie Grubb